ICT Infrastructure

Jamaica’s world-class and robust telecoms infrastructure supports all the requirements for global connectivity and ranks among the most developed in the world when compared to the US and UK. Jamaica has the highest teledensity rate in the entire Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region, while mobile penetration exceeds the rest of the Caribbean and rivals many developed nations in the World. Other key features of the local telecoms landscape include: • Ample bandwidth capacity as a result of multiple telecoms providers offering a wide choice of circuits, including T1, DS3 and OC3 • Three major broadband carriers that provide triple redundancy and 99.99% up-time on broadband services. • Broadband penetration stands at over 35%, with accessibility from anywhere in the island Multiple mobile service providers offer 3G, 4G, WiMax and international roaming capabilities. The island’s extended Fibralink submarine cable network provides reliable delivery of business and broadband traffic • Three parallel fibre routes (and drop off points) on the island link to the Americas Region Caribbean Ring System (ARCOS-1) submarine cable in the Dominican Republic. This provides seamless connectivity to North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. There is also a complete fibre ring around Jamaica, with fully digital networks. • Additional telecoms players will be entering the market to provide undersea broadband connection; this will increase the overall capacity and redundancy on the island.