Health & Wellness

With the global health tourism sector valued at US$40 billion in 2005 and projections indicating that 1.2 million medical tourists will travel from the USA in 2012, Jamaica is ideally poised to attract value-added investments in this area. Investments in the health and wellness sector would enjoy the benefit of leveraging the presence of highly trained medical professionals in Jamaica, as well as the high quality of medical training that may be accessed locally. Jamaica also provides a ‘near shore’ advantage given its close proximity to North American markets, where high medical costs and ease of travel make it an attractive location for accessing health care and wellness services. The government of Jamaica is currently developing a Health and Wellness Tourism Roadmap to guide investments in the sector, as well as to drive exports of value-added niche products and services. JAMPRO, in its capacity as the premier investment promotion agency, continues to promote the island as a destination for health and wellness tourism investments and has facilitated investment projects in offshore medical education as well as private hospitals that cater to medical tourists.