Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams


Armed with a BSc. in Accounting from the University of the West Indies and an MBA in Strategic Marketing and Finance from York University in Toronto, Canada, Chris has blazed a trail for financial success. With an unconventional yet strategically solid approach, he has always been supremely confident in his ability to deliver on his promise to his stakeholders.

Like the avid sportsman he is, Chris continually challenges his own targets and is driven by competition and a match of wits. His own success can be attributed to his life mantra of ‘Respect and Performance’: Meaning respect for self, the team, everybody’s role and the process, coupled with 100% consistent performance. This personal philosophy has helped shape his professional growth; as is evidenced by a stellar 25 years’ experience in Merchant Banking, Asset Management and Stock Brokerage in the Jamaican and Cayman Islands capital markets. His rather impressive career has led to many professional highlights, including being a former CEO of NCB Capital Markets and a former deputy Chairman of the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

His reputation for growing businesses exponentially was more than well-earned when PROVEN became the first company to list on the Jamaica Stock Exchange’s US Market; raising in excess of US$80 million in equity. It was a pioneering move, representing one of the largest private or public US dollar equity offerings in Jamaica’s capital market history. As co-founder and CEO of PROVEN Chris continues his noteworthy track record in the world of finance as he charts a successful course for the company at large.

Chris also relies on his mantra to guide his commitment to the wider community. This outlook on life has led to him place high value on the power of education and mentorship as a means to shaping the minds of young entrepreneurs. Any opportunity to share his knowledge and help them shift focus and navigate life’s challenges is always welcome. His continued involvement in his alma mater’s efforts is testimony of that passion, being the Immediate Past President of the Jamaica College Old Boys Association and now serving as Chairman of the Jamaica College Foundation. Beyond school ties, this heightened sense of responsibility also sees him making an impact in another arena as Director of the Usain Bolt Foundation.

As an advocate of equal opportunity, and with a determination to invest where the ROI potential is high, Chris seeks to contribute meaningfully in areas that enhance possibilities for national growth and development. This he does by being Chairman of the Jamaica Association for the Deaf and Director of JAMPRO.

Chris is Michelle’s lucky hubby and Best Dad Ever to their two sons.